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Originally a watercolor artist, hence the word "PAPER" in my blog address, I now paint mostly with bright acrylics, capturing the coast, the light-play in trees and the abstract macro world that surrounds us.

I can be followed on Instagram as HLombardoArtist and I welcome you to contact me with any inquiries at paintedpaperbyholly@yahoo.com. I do commissions and enjoy helping designers match artwork to their decorating needs. Select the Older Posts link at the bottom to go further back in my work.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Yellow forest

Trees. They are mathematical.  They are vertical.  They are logical.  I think this is why I continue to paint trees- the geometry of lines is refreshing and predictable, until the branches are added.  I like the Mondrian effect, almost a stained glass window into the forest.  Size 18x20 on gallery wrapped canvas.

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Joan T said...

These must be amazing in person!!! I wish I had time to visit the gallery when I was up in Maine...it was much too quick of a visit.