About me-

I am a Maine-born New England based landscape painter who is inspired by the sun, the woods and the sea.

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Friday, June 21, 2013

Newton Wellesley Hospital Commission!

and a closer view of the suite- each painting is 24x24:

When I am commissioned through J. Todd to paint, I never know who the clients are unless they make a request to meet with me, which I personally enjoy.  In this case, I heard that a four-season suite of paintings was hanging at Newton Wellesley Hospital when I was approached by a designer warehouse in Boston who saw my work there. I remembered painting them but did not know who had commissioned them.  I inquired at the information desk and was so pleased that they knew exactly which paintings I was talking about and where they hung- third floor PULMONARY area.  So...I found them and took a picture...and was so excited to see an acrylic plate affixed next to them with my name and "Commissioned".  This is the part I love!