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I am a Maine-born New England landscape painter who enjoys capturing the sun, the forest and the sea. I can be reached at paintedpaperbyholly@yahoo.com for inquiries, pricing and collaborations.

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I'm happy (and proud) to be the recipient of the following BLOG AWARD, given to me by an artist who's work inspires me to be clean, crisp and to tell a story. Mineke's watercolors have driven my own watercolors to be more telling, more colorful and OH how she can handle architecture! Thank you, Mineke- Please visit her beautiful paintings here: MINEKE REINDERS

Here are 7 inspiring bloggers (in no particular order) who inspire me - here's why:

Joan Tavalotte Her travels are never far from her brushes!
Terry Banderas His sketches with splashes of color are SO realistic and beautiful!
Ron Morrison He always remembers to put humor and puns in ALL of his paintings!
Sarah Fox Her work is SO inspiring and beautiful!
Don Gray He is SO generous with feedback and suggestions!
The Spilled Pint A local "painting friend" whose work I highly admire!!
Celeste Vaught My first "painting" friend!

I'm now supposed to list 7 things that I like...here goes:

Fall afternoons
Ocean breezes on my face
The smell of my daughters' hair after a bath
Vacationing in Wells Beach, Maine
Sleeping on a hard mattress with an LLBean comforter
Lying in my hammock in September
Making cookies for people